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How can I subscribe?

You can have all BaanGerda news updates sent to you by RSS feeds or by email (follow the 'get updates by email' link and then enter your email address).

What are RSS feeds?

RSS allows you to read the latest news from various websites in one location. When you subscribe to a feed, the updates are delivered to you as soon as they are published. Quite simply, it is the most efficient way to read information from your favorite sites, without having to remember to visit them.

How do I set it up?

The first thing you need is a news reader. This is either a downloadable application or browser-based reader. If you choose to download a news reader, they have the advantage of storing the news updates on your computer. Some of the more popular applications include Greatnews, Omea Reader and RSS Bandit. Download and install the one you like. If you use a browser-based reader you can then read your feeds from any computer. Google, Yahoo, and Bloglines are a few of the options available. You need to setup an account with the one that you prefer, unless you already have a Gmail or Yahoo email address.

RSS iconYou then have to decide which websites you want to subscribe to. Most of the biggest names on the internet such as the BBC, Yahoo and CNET publish multiple feeds covering different subjects. Whenever you see this orange symbol, you know that a website has a RSS feed. They may also have a link labeled as 'subscribe' or 'RSS feed'.

BaanGerda has a RSS feed for the main news page -

In the left hand column on our news page, click the link titled 'Latest News' and it will take you to the main subscription page. From here, click 'show all subscription options' and choose the reader that you use. For example, if you use the browser-based Google reader, then simply click on the 'Add to Google' box. If you haven't already registered for a free account then you will be required to do so. On the following page click 'Add to Google Reader' and you've finished!

Once you have setup your feeds, you don't have to worry about visiting websites regularly or missing important news. Everything is there for you in one place. Simple and efficient.