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Nok’s Story
Posted by Moo on 10th June 2015

Nok in Baan Gerda
Nok is one of 4 children who has been accepted into Baan Gerda recently. She is 14 years old and a lovely young girl. Her mother died many years ago from AIDS. She lived with her father who is also HIV positive.

The family are poor. Nok was also found to be HIV infected, and this is the reason no one wants to associate with her, so she had to leave school. She moved from one village to another to looking for a job to earn money for daily living.

Nok also has TB and she has been ill quite often and her viral load is still high. Her father brought her to the hospital to be diagnosed. He left her there and never come back. Nok was on her own for all those years, working in exchange for food. Sleeping at someone’s house whenever she was allowed to.

In April 2015, social welfare staff and a nurse from a hospital in Lopburi province contacted Baan Gerda asking if we could take care of Nok in our project. Without any hesitation, we accepted Nok to come and stay with us right away. She is a charming girl with a beautiful smile. Her height is only 120 cm.

We introduced her to our children and asked her to tell us her back ground and her life. She spoke only a few words but her expression and tears said everything. Her new foster mother took Nok in her arms and said “Don’t cry…don’t be afraid… You have a new family now…”

Nok is now living with 4 sisters and 3 brothers in a happy home. Her foster mother is called Mae Porn. Nok is now continuing with her studies once again. Her new life begins…

Thank you to all the donors and supporters to our project that allow us to take care of children such as Nok.

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