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Novice Monks

Posted by Mike Thomas on 8th April 2014

The majority of Thai people are Buddhist and with over 29,000 temples throughout the country, all males are expected to become novice monks at some period of their lives. Boys can ordain as novices at any age but need to be at least 20 years of age if they wish to become a full monk.

The main difference is that a novice has fewer precepts to follow, although one additional rule means they can’t own or handle money making them dependant on the temple and local community.

The ordination of some Baan Gerda children as novice monks (samanen) is now an annual event. This year, 11 boys shaved their heads and eyebrows and donned the familiar saffron robes for a 10 day stay at a local temple. For some of the children it was their second or third time. In the video, Don Mai and Dtee talk about their experiences.

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