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Fun & Education At The Beach

Posted by Mike Thomas on 11th September 2012

Baan Gerda kids enjoying a trip to the beach The annual Baan Gerda trip to the seaside has always been a highlight of the year for both children and adults. It’s always a huge amount of fun and the kids in particular get a boost from spending time away from the relative isolation of their home. As well as the psychological benefits, our staff also report that some of the kids with skin problems seem to benefit from the maritime conditions.

Although costings are kept to an absolute minimum, unfortunately the trip couldn’t take place last year due to financial limitations. So, you can imagine the joy when the 2012 trip was announced. The night before the journey rarely produces much sleep and most of the kids are bouncing around at 3am, unable to contain their excitement.

The owners of the simple accommodation in Ranong have been very helpful since we first stayed with them a number of years ago. They know the status of the kids and have been very supportive – unlike many other places that refused to take them.

Beach cleanupThis year it was decided that, alongside their exuberant splashing around in the water, the kids should organise a beach cleanup and learn about their role in caring for the environment. We hope that in years to come they will be responsible citizens who understand the importance of looking after one of Thailand’s most valuable assets.

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